Sunday, November 9, 2008

Task 5: Designing dream machines

This video follows the development of three project designs; a modernised classic motorcycle, a motor scooter suited to conditions in India, and a kitchen appliances. And by watching these, we can get a general idea of how does the process going through by designing and developing a new product. We can get insights from these. The processes are about design brief, brainstorming, research, proposal, solutions, prototype, and evaluation etc.
Personally I think the research part is very important, especially shows in the part of Nick Talbot’s Suzuki scooter, because the product is highly influenced by the cultural of Indian, which the scooters, they are very useful and important, everyone is carrying stuff by scooter. Therefore you will not know these unless you do some research. And other important massage for us is that always communicate with clients and costumers, so that you will not out of the brief and always gains good ideas from other peoples ,that is the way that keep us always on the right track and improve our designing.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Treasuring time-canister

Time is infinite, our life is finite, and we cannot stop the time, but can capture the treasuring moment that we had, memorised them forever, don’t let time just passed by. Therefore this time we aimed to design a project that can help people evoke the treasuring time. Personally what I have perceived that treasuring time is a particular period time that could be 2 second, 2 years, or a time in regular, they impact us emotionally or physically hence we want to keep it in our memory. Therefore I chose a period time that I just came to Australia, it’s the first time that I took airplane, it’s the first time that I travelled to another country, and lived by myself, everything is unfamiliar and everything is new, I’m learning new things, making new friends, gaining new experiences every day, and I am curious and exciting about every day, although sometimes it’s little bit homesick. Therefore the project that I designed is aimed to recall the emotions, experiences, memories that I had in that particular time.

My product is a canister and contains several bowls inside. The bowls called memory bowl, they were designed in different colours, which convey different emotions, and inside of the bowl I write anything that can help me evoke the treasuring moment that I had, it could be a letter, a picture, or a word. For example, I wrote ‘Mi lai’ in a bowl, because she is my first friend in Australia, and every time when I read this bowl I’ll remember the time that I spend with her. For the canister, it has a hole on the lead, every time you have to shake the canister that allow one bowl comes out in random, you are curious about which one is going to come out. This feeling is just like the time in Australia, I was exciting about what is going to happen in next day.

The canister is designed in a small size, and well fit into your hands; you can to put any where you want, and the colours are mainly in bright warm primary colours, which are my impressions of Australia.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

bad design

Door knob

In this picture, there is a knob where above the handle. This knob is use for control the door that when it is locked, only indoor handle can open the door, or otherwise both indoor and outdoor handles can open the door when it is unlocked. The knob normally state in vertical, if you want to lock it, you turn left in 180 degree, and you turn to the right in 180 degree for unlock.

The problem here is to figure out and remember which way is to unlock the door and which way is to lock the door. And people always get confused about whether the door is locked or not, because the knob state in the same position whenever you locked or not.

By simply adding two signs on the knob, as showing in the pictures, L with red background means locked, and U with green back ground means unlocked, therefore whichever the sign goes on the top, it shows what state is now, by doing this, its become more simple and people do not need to memorise the way of lock/unlock the door.

(to lock the door) (to unlock the door)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Project 2: postal presents

Money box

Target market
For my project 2, I designed a money box, it’s for children who are in the age of 7~10, in this period of age, children start learning things, going to primary school, therefore it is good way to teaching them saving money.

In responds to surprise the target markets, I thought the object I am making should not only a money box but also could be a toy, something that children also can playing with, therefore I designed the money box in an animal shape, with moving wings, because normally children like little cute animal shapes, but I wouldn’t say it’s a bird or a chicken, which could leave a space to let children to imagine. And I used the 3 primary colors: red yellow and blue, in order to make the money box looks colorful and bright. And geometric shapes are formed the money box, its One of the important elements, which aimed to help children getting to know different geometric shapes.

I used polypropylene, which is easy to form the shape, good balance between toughness, stiffness, and hardness, flexible, and low-cost.

Children put coins by through its “mouth” and the mouth will close automatically(by the property of polypropylene), it’s just like a process of feeding animal, as long as its stomach got full, you can open the bottom of the money box to get all the money.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Task 5: video reflection

The story of stuff

I learned a lot from this video, I got the general idea of how the product are been made, the processes are not simply follow what its says in dictionary, there are a lot more, I was surprised by the complicated inner processes going on, they were interacted by the cultural, people, economy and so on.
The main centre point of this video is environment issue, the composer used a lot of data to indicate the serious problem on our environment, and this make me question, what is the aim of designing? As the composer said, people were designing things for dump, for perceived obsolescence, for fashion. In the end, some of the products are useless and increase the pollution, in my opinion, as a designer you should design things have a real value and good for the consumers. We really need to consider about our environment.

Task 5 : vedio reflection

Paul Bennett: design is in the detail
As an industrial design student I always questions myself what is a good product should be. And I think Paul Bennett gave me a good answer, a good product is something that really brings to life, help people solve the problem, and brings people together, it doesn’t have to be grand gesture.
To design a good product, one thing is really important that I was inspired by Paul is you have to put yourself into the consumer’s position, to feel what they feel, like in the video, they were take a position of being a patient, lying all day on the bed, they feel what the patient feel, in the end came up a lot good ideas. On the other hand, to get good fresh ideas, we should always having beginner’s thinking and “look around”, Because sometimes there is something that we didn’t put attention, actually have huge potential.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rationale: project one

My target markets are mainly for female adults, who have small dog as a pet, they enjoy their leisure time, live in health, take out their pet regularly. However their have a common problem on scooping dog’s poop, most of people using paper or plastic bags, it’s not a pleasure process and not cleaning. Therefore the product I designed is an improvement of scooper by using thin metal stick shaped into a rectangular, and what you need to do is put the bag around the stick, hold the handle to scoop the poop, and then throw the bags into the bin, its clean, never touches waste, no clean up, and its designed in a way of space saver, which you can pull the stick into the handle, and colour is milky yellow, blue, in order to give a feeling of cleaning, healthy, and looks cute.